Warning Sirens

Warning Sirens

The Murphysboro Emergency Managment Agency maintains an outdoor warning siren network to protect the citizens of the Murphysboro Area. The City currently has 12 outdoor warning sirens. It has six Federal 2001 Sirens with battery backup, four Federal Thunderbolt 1003 sirens, and two Federal SD-10 sirens. Of the sirens currently online six have battery backup.

With activation of the sirens in the City of Murphysboro, sirens are also activated at the Illinois ReEntry Correctional Center, at the Southern Illinois Airport, and one privately owned siren within the City limits, bringing the total number of sirens on the network to 15.

In February of 2012  the city added three additional sirens.  The improvements include the addition of a 2001 siren on Harry Ray Drive, a 2001 siren on Watson Road at IL Rt 13, and a Thunderbolt at the Jackson Square Shopping Center. As part of the upgrade, the two sirens which were previously out of service were repaired.

In August of 2021, the city installed a refurbished 2001 siren at 20th and Commercial St.  This siren protects the youth soccer fields and nearby Riverside Park.





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