Town Center Park


Town Park Bandshell/Amphitheater
Fabricated stainless steel with an inner core of aluminum and structural steel.
26' tall x 35' long x 24' wide. 2010. Commissioned by the Elizabeth A. Smysor Trust.

Town Park Fountain
Forged and fabricated bronze, 11' x 3' x 4', 2009.
Commissioned by the Elizabeth A. Smysor Trust.

Here is a link to a page on the A. Zahner Co. site about working with the local artist on this project:

When approached with the idea of creating an outdoor space, artist John Medwedeff first thought of how there was no meeting spot in the downtown area. Smysor Plaza, the down-the-street home of his Smysor Fountain, had been used as such, but not having been designed specifically for events, could get awkward.
Town Center Park will fulfill that need, as well as operating as additional campus space for the adjacent youth center and Sallie Logan Library.
“I can’t wait to go out and have my lunch by the bubbling fountain,” said Donella Odum, director of the library.
That kind of thing, along with performance space, is its primary purpose, according to Medwedeff, who says the spot will offer a place “for anybody that wants to have a nice, peaceful place to go relax for an hour.”
But, he says “I’m sure they will come up with uses that we haven’t thought of.
What I’m hoping it does is it provides Murphysboro with a landmark and a gathering point for the community as well as a place where someone can just relax individual and have a pleasant experience,” he said.
The park will join a list of projects by Medwedeff that include pieces in Chicago, Florida, and all around the region.

Aerial_of_Bandshell_construction  TownParkPavilion_and_church