Grants for Small Business COVID-19

Attention Murphysboro Small Business Owners:

COVID-19 Update: 3-25-2020 5:49 pm.

An important update for small business owners, especially those in the Bar / Restaurant business.

Today the Governor announced new programs coordinated through the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity and local governments.

1) The Hospitality Emergency Grant Program: 14 million dollars is being made available from funds previously ear marked for Illinois tourism. Bars and Restaurants that generated less than 500K in revenue in 2019 are eligible for up to $10,000. Bars and Restaurants that generated more than 500K in 2019 are eligible for up to $25,000. Funds can be used for rent, payroll, and other accounts payable. The deadline to apply is April 1st. DCEO says they hope to have money in business owners hands by April 6th. Apply using the link below.…/covid-19-hospitality-business-gran…/

2) The Downstate Small Business Stabilization Program: DECO is re-purposing 20 million dollars in Community Development Block Grant money to create the "Downstate Small Business Stabilization Program".

This program will work through local governments to offer small businesses of up to 50 employees the opportunity to obtain grants of up to $25,000 in working capital. There will be more details coming out Friday on this program. In the mean time, if you are interested in accessing this program, you can express initial interest to me at I will then help coordinate applications as more details are made available.…/Pag…/EmergencySBAIntiatives.aspx