Food Pantry

Murphysboro Food Pantry
906 N 14th Street
Murphysboro, IL

Murphysboro food pantry has a new home!

The organization recently moved from its Seventh Street location to the former Tub Surgeon building on 14th Street. The new facility, nearly double the size of the old one, has already proved advantageous.

"We're still trying to find all our boxes, but we're just thrilled to have the extra space," said board member Jane Williams. "We're just going to have so many things we can offer (people who use the pantry) now that we have the space."

A larger lobby has accommodated the addition of indoor seating, meaning people won't have to wait outside through extreme heat and cold. Added wall space will also allow the pantry to post help wanted ads and coupons.

Williams also hopes to be able to work with a local nutritionist to sponsor potluck meals, where food would be prepared using the same items distributed to families.

"Not only by doing that will we get them to stretch their food, we'll also teach them nutrition," Williams said.

Pantry Board President Scott Evans said the new location, located in a more prominent location than the old building, will also help the organization garner more attention from the community.

"People know where we are now, which was always a problem," he said, adding the new facility will also add room for further growth that hasn't even been envisioned yet.

Along with the benefits, the new facility also brings two new needs for the pantry and its members: additional financial support to pay off the mortgage of the building and a need for additional volunteers to help serve people in a more efficient manner. Board members launched a $100,000 capital campaign to pay for the new building, and so far about $40,000 has been collected, Williams said.

But board members hope to finish the campaign sooner or later to pay off the building and focus on their real mission.

"We just want to be in the business of feeding hungry people," she said.

Article from The Southen Illinoisian Newspaper