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List of Awards

Window Display Contest - 2017

Event Partners: A&W Plumbing & Heating

  1. Tammy's Tiny Tots

  2. Brews Brothers Taproom

  3. St. Joseph Memorial Hospital

  4. Kiwanis Club of Murphysboro

  5. Jackson Country Republican Women

  6. One Hot Cookie

  7. Sallie Logan Public Library

  8. Edward Jones - Mark Chalem

Apple Blossoms Contest - 2017

Event Partners: PLP Battery Supply

  • Age Group 0-2: Anthony Riley-Fisher, 7 months
                                 Son of Kim Fisher & Torrence Riley

  • Age Group 3-4: Elizabeth "Lolly" Doerr, 3 years
                                 Daughter of Cara & Justin Doerr

Appletime Golf Classic - 2017

Event Partners: First Southern Bank, Magic 95.1 FM, & The Southern Illinoisan

A Flight B Flight
1. J. Barge 1. M. Combs
  R. Clark   J. Combs
  D. Street   G. Ingram
  A. Coon   S. Shauwacker
2. C. Mills 2. R. Barke
  M. Miller   P. Hewson
  T. Foland   B. Bundren
  K. Feigenbaum    


Apple Pie & Butter Contests - 2017

Event Partner: Silkworm, Inc.

Apple Pie

Junior Division

  • Caroline Guthman


  1. Karen Hale

  2. Bethany Townley

  3. Jeanne Holt


  1. Kim Baskin

  2. Jeanne Holt

  3. Friends - First Mid Illinois Bank & Trust

Event Partner's Choice

  • Traditional:  Becky Swafford

  • Non-Traditional:  Tiffany Ferguson

Apple Butter

  1. Donna Graff

  2. Mama's Grandkids

  3. Gladys Crawshaw

Apple Pie Eating Contest - 2017

Event Partner: Penn Aluminum International & Magic 95.1

  • Grade K-8 Division 1
    Team: Wolf Pack 112
    Members: Lemar Treshansky, Daniel Evan, Andrew Graham, Brett Elpers, Tommy Stanton

  • Grade K-8 Division 2
    Team: Jackson County 4-H
    Members: Landon Hindrichs, Abby Walker, Sam Trammell, Wyatt Krause, James Akins

  • Murphysboro Fire Dept. vs. Murphysboro-Pomona-Somerset
    Team: Murphysboro Fire Dept.
    Members: Chris Morber, Adam Tarrants, Charlie Nance, Jonathan Travelstead, Jim Murphy

A Taste of Murphysboro Scholarship - 2017

  • Danyel Foster

  • Kelsey Stanton

Children's Pet & Hobby Parade - 2017

Event Partners: Jackson County Abstract & Title Guarantee Company, Murphysboro Education Association, & 101.5 CIL-FM

Bicycles Pets Parade Theme
1. Gretta Snyder 1. Callie Risse & Dog, Cori 1. Judah Finn Tweedy Logan
2. Everett Snyder 2. Evie Clutts 2. Jasper & Martin Gindlesparger
3. MMS Bike Club 3. Ariah Canaley 3. Jameson Hines
  Honorable Mention:
Ayres Family



1.   Devil Dazzlers Dance Clinic

Kid & Parent Built Floats Organization Built Floats
1. "Contest" Group 1. St. Andrew School
    2. Immanuel Lutheran School
    3. Montessori School
    Honorable Mention:
Kid's Day Out

Best Overall Float

  • Gen. John A. Logan & Carruthers Schools

Grand Parade - 2017

Event Partners: The Quality Connection, WSIL-TV 3, & The Southern Illinoisan


Clubs/Organizations Business/Industry
1. Murphysboro Black Alumni Society 1. Murphy-Wall State Bank & Trust
2. Southern Illinois Immigrant's Rights Project 2. The First Bank & Trust Co of Murphysboro
3. Liberty Theater 3. Snow Power Cheer & Tumbling


Individuals/Churches Youth Groups/Schools
1. Immanuel Lutheran Church & School 1. Tammy's Tiny Tots
2. Elm Street Baptist Church 2. Gen. John A. Logan & Carruthers Schools
3. Christ Community Church 3. St. Andrew School

Queen's Award for Best Float

  • Murphy-Wall State Bank & Trust

Mayor's Award for Most Beautiful Float

  • Murphy-Wall State Bank & Trust

President of the Chamber of Commerce's Award for Most Original Float

  • Tammy's Tiny Tots



  1. The Beautiful Ones Dance Team

  2. Studio 84



Class B    
1. Trico High School Drum Major: NCOE
2. Cobden High School Auxiliary: NCOE
3. NCOE High School Percussion:  Cobden
  (Norris City, IL)    


Class A    
1. Pinckneyville High School Drum Major:  Pinckneyville
2. Kelly Community HIgh School Auxillary:  Pinckneyville
  (Benton, MO) Percussion:  Pinckneyville


Class AA    
1. Harrisburg High School Drum Major:  Harrisburg
2. Potosi High School Auxiliary:  Harrisburg
3. Civic Memorial High School Percussion:  Harrisburg
  (Bethalto, IL)    


Class AAA    
1. Waterloo High School Drum Major:  Belleville West
2. Belleville Township High School West Auxiliary:  Waterloo
    Percussion:  Waterloo


Class Jr HS/Middle School    
1. Pinckneyville Junior High Drum Major:  Pinckneyville
2. DuQuoin Middle School Auxiliary:  Pinckneyville
3. Anna Junior High Percussion:  DuQuoin

Appletime 5K Walk/Run - 2017

Event Partners: St. Joseph Memorial Hospital/SIH & Murphy-Wall State Bank & Trust

Overall Winners

  • Male Runner: Nick Ryder

  • Female Runner: Chelsea Grither

  • Male Walker: Tony Miksanek

  • Female Walker: Shirley Fearheiley

**For a full list of results, please visit the River to River results page at the link below**

2017 Appletime 5K Walk/Run Results - River to River Race Timers

Miss Apple Festival Pageant - 2017

Event Partners: Wright Do-It Center (Scholarship), & The Southern Illinoisan

  • Queen: Shelby McKown

  • 1st Runner-Up: Maggie Stewart

  • 2nd Runner-Up: Amanda Jo Kelso

Prince & Princess Contest - 2017

Event Partner: The First Bank & Trust Co. of Murphysboro

  • Prince: Jakob Starrick

  • 1st Runner-Up: Joshua Povolish

  • Princess: Emma Camfield

  • 1st Runner-Up: Airyanna Maelee

Drums at Appletime - 2017

Event Partners: Republic Services, Inc., The Southern Illinoisan, & WPSD Local 6

Class A    
1. Pinckneyville Community HS Drum Major:  Kelly
2. Anna-Jonesboro Community HS Percussion:  Pinckneyville
3. Oblong HS (Oblong, IL) Auxiliary:  Pinckneyville
4. Kelly Community HS (Benton, MO) Music Performance:  Pinckneyville
5. Sparta HS Visual Performance:  Pinckneyville
Class AA    
1. Potosi HS (Potosi, MO) Drum Major:  Potosi
2. Carterville HS Percussion:  Potosi
3. Civic Memorial HS Auxiliary:  Potosi
  (Bethalto, IL) Music Performance:  Potosi
    Visual Performance:  Potosi
Class AAA    
1. Waterloo HS Drum Major:  Carbondale
2. Belleville Township HS West Percussion:  Carbondale
3. Carbondale Community HS Auxiliary:  Belleville West
    Music Performance:  Belleville West
             Visual Performance:  Waterloo      

Tony Stevens Soloist Award
Best Overall Soloist

  • Belleville West Marching Maroons - Alto Saxophone Solo

Drums at Appletime Champion
Best Overall Score in Field Show Competition

  • Waterloo High School Marching Bulldogs

Marion Nash Grand Champion Award
Best Overall Combined Parade & Field Show Scores

  • Waterloo High School Marching Bulldogs

Fiddle and Banjo Contest - 2017

Open Fiddle

  • John Simmons - Egypt Mills, MO

Junior Fiddle

  • Beth Davis - Carbondale, IL

Open Banjo

  • Isaiah Dieters - Marion, IL

Appletime Show & Shine - 2017

Event Partners: Regions Bank, The Southern Illinoisan, & 100.7 KGMO

1. Ron Bratcher                                                                                    
2. Mark Zimbelman  
3. Dale Foskey  

1. Curt Erwin  
2. John Reynolds  
3. Evan Willis  
1. Larry Villareal  
2. Aron Edwards  
1. Robert Grob  
2. Toot Arview  
3. James Snider  
1. Paul Brown  
2. Slick Stoops  
3. Hope Sugg  
1. D.J. Cygan  
2. Jordan Martin  
3. Harley King  
1. Jim & Faye Kimmel  
2. Bob Aydt  
1. Ray Sperling  
2. Vint Compton  
3. Bryce Clover  
1. Kenny Adkins  
2. Kelly Compton  
3. Mike Winterberg           

Best in Show

  • D.J. Cygan

Queen's Choice

  • Paul Brown

Mayor's Choice

  • James Barker

Event Partner's Choice

  • Bob Aydt

Big Muddy Apple Obstacle Run - 2017

Event Partners: KFVS-12 & 100.7 KGMO

Overall Best Times

Male: Keith Norris, 17 - Goreville, IL

Female: Autumn Wills, 37 - Cobden, IL

**For a full list of results, please visit the Run to Succeed results page at the link below**

2017 Big Muddy Apple Obstacle Run Results - Run to Succeed

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